Dear EWG CBBM Members,

Our recent EURO XXI conference (ICELAND, July 2-5, 2006) concluded with a honorary appointment:

In acknowledgement of his service computational biology, bioinformatics and medicine since many years, his vision to encourage and support EWG CBBM, EWG CBBM and its members appointed

Prof. Jacek Blazewicz


"Honorary Coordinator of EWG CBBM" .

Without his initiative, motivation, encouragement and advice, EWG CBBM would not exist and would not have developed to form such a European home for many young people. By this appointment EWG CBBM expressed to them both our deep gratitude and its hope for continuing fruitful collaboration.

With our best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

        Metin Türkay                               Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
(Chair of EWG CBBM)              (Past Chair of EWG CBBM)