Welcome to EWG CBBM

The goal of EWG CBBM is to promote and to facilitate communication links among European (and other) researchers working in areas of operational research in computational biology, bioinformatics and Medicine. EWG CBBM was established with numerous founding members at a satellite meeting of the EURO XXI 2006 Conference in Iceland, July 2-5, 2006.There after EWG CBBM is organized / co-organized in numerous workshop on Workshop on Networks in Computational Biology in Ankara, Turkey (September 10-12, 2006). As a result of this workshop, a special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics Journal has been prepared. In 2007, we celebrated our first annual meeting by organizing Workshop on OR in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine in Prague, Czech Republic, July 2007. Also, in 2008, we organized Mini EURO conference on Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine in Rome, Italy. As a result of this conference, a special issue on Operational Research Models for Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine is published in Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Algorithms.

EWG CBBM actively organized / co-organized workshops or streams on OR in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine in all EURO Conferences since 2006. The main goal of all these workshops and conferences is to promote the importance of operational research and its related techniques in computational biology, bioinformatics and medicine. The most important goal for this working group is to develop a common platform for researchers, practitioners, academicians and other interesting parties across the globe to collaborate and share their invaluable ideas, information and to make the world to be a best place to live.

The broad aims of the EWG CBBM are:

(1) to establish an open forum of exchange, scientific life and collaboration using modern methods of ORwithin EURO, integrating already existing groups, impulses and individuals from European and international Operational Research in the emerging fields of biological problems and perspectives in data management, analysis and technologies;

(2) to integrate researchers and practitioners in OR to overcome the scientific challenges in medicine, pharmacy, food production, conservation of genetic wealth, alternative energy generation and of development. Herewith, embedded into and for the best of the scientific landscape and calendar of EUROand its existing working groups and chapters;

(3)this group looks for giving valuable contributions to building up our countries and their friendship, to welfare, freedom and peace in and among the nations and continents.

We prepare a rich scientific life, common experiences and friendship for the best of the members of our group, of our people in Europe and the world!

If you are interested in EWG CBBM, please contact us!

 Objectives of EWG CBBM:

– to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge and to support research in operational research in computational biology and bioinformatics,

– to make re-effort in the integration of people from mathematics, computer science, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, management, economy, and social sciences
with the ideas of presenting the state and offers modern Operational Research

– to assist in gathering the computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, and other communities in Europe organized under the umbrella of EURO,
– to support preparation, refereeing and editing of publications,

– to establish regular information channels and regular meetings,

– to build links to users of operational research in computational biology and bioinformatics methodology,

– to involve industrial organizations and users of optimization in the activities listed above,

– vivid exchange between scientific experience and enthusiasm of the youth,

– encouragement of building up a common and developing Europe, and

– deepening of peace and friendship in Europe and in the world.